Over the next couple of class periods, we’re discussing each others podcasts. I was unsure as to whether or not this would be a time to critique the podcasts or just to regurgitate what we’ve learned from them. Either way, I definitely think some of the podcasts were strong, while others were lacking. But I think improvement could’ve been made in one way or another on all of the podcasts, myself included! The topics were incredibly interesting, ranging from identity theft to cars. There was even a discussion about self-driving vehicles in class, which I am all for but was surprised to learn that some people don’t like the idea of them.

Over the weekend, I determined the topic of my podcast. I’m currently in an Animation class and I’ve always been interested in the topic, so naturally, that was what I decided! The first roadblock I encountered was that the topic and history of animation is so vast that it would be impossible to cover everything in an academic minute (which I’ve since learned is not an exact 60 seconds, but rather several minutes). So, I narrowed my topic down to modern day, digital animation. I’m quite excited about it!

I already have a solid foundation of knowledge about digital animation from my classes and in general, but I did additional research in class yesterday and actually learned some new information!