Pokemon Go!

For the past several classes, we have been talking about Pokemon Go! and Augmented Reality. If I had to compare my knowledge and digital literacy of Pokemon Go! to an actual Pokemon, it would have to be a Level 1 Rattata because I know nothing about it and am useless when it comes to it. I downloaded the app when it first came out, but then quickly decided it wasn’t worth learning and deleted it shortly thereafter.

However, I do have some knowledge about AR. Granted, it’s not a vast amount of knowledge, and I didn’t even know I had it until this class, but I know the basics. I do have a Snapchat and actively use it, and am always amused at the dancing hotdog dude and the wiggly purple guy. I didn’t know that was considered AR until we learned about it in class!

I’m also a big fan of Marvel (specifically Tony Stark aka Iron Man), so it was also really nifty to learn that the movie scenes with him and his HUD (heads up display) was AR also!

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